On The Issues

Learn where I stand on the issues. If you have a question about a specific issue that is important to you, send me a message and I will respond back to you as soon as I can!

Children in School Bus

Strong Public Schools

  •  Require accountability and transparency for any school receiving taxpayer funds

  • Eliminate high stakes testing

  • Raise teacher pay to at least the national average

  • Promote trades and workshare programs in high schools


  • Lower premiums and co-pays to ensure everyone has access to affordable insurance options

  • Lower the cost of prescription medications to ensure people do not go bankrupt for needing life-saving medications

  • Advocate to keep the VA Hospital in Fort Wayne open to maintain healthcare access for our veterans

  • Legalize marijuana to combat the opioid epidemic

Doctor and Patient


  • Raise wages for all Hoosiers

  • Develop a paid family and medical leave plan to help employers pay their employees for needed time off    Create a child care tax credit to subsidize the costs of child care for families

  • Promote and protect collective bargaining to ensure a safe and equitable workplace for all workers

Housing and Food

  • Partner with rideshare companies for $1 rides to grocery stores in food deserts

  • Provide grants to turn vacant lots into community gardens or other beneficial community-based uses

  • Expand down payment and rent assistance

  • Use land banks to ensure new development without gentrifying neighborhoods