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New Leadership Delivering Results for Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is home. It's where I was born and raised and it's where my wife and I have chosen to raise our children. It's where my family owns a small business that I help run. I care deeply about this community and its future. 

Growing up, my parents struggled to make ends meet, but never let us know it. They always made sure that my brother and I were well fed and taken care of.  They always made sure that we got the best education that public education had to offer. But the worries were there: How would they pay the rent? How can we lower the cost of our weekly trip to the grocery store? What to do about the high cost of child care? What happens if I or my brother got sick and needed medical care? These are things that no family should have to worry about. 

As a person, this is what drives me. We have to ensure that families across Fort Wayne are given the tools to succeed. We must make sure that everyone, regardless of ability or economic status has access to the best that public education has to offer. We absolutely must ensure that child care is affordable for every family. 

My goal in life and my goal as a representative would be to take care of "the least of these". Some measure our success in Indiana by the amount of cash we have in the bank. That's not how I measure success. I measure success in the number of children we are able to send to good quality, public schools. I measure success in Hoosiers' access to quality, affordable healthcare. I measure success in the number of people that I am able to help live better lives. Join us as we work to make the statehouse accountable again and as we work to move Fort Wayne and Indiana forward!

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