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  • Raise teacher pay to at least the national average

  • Require accountability and transparency for any school taking taxpayer funds

  • Eliminate high stakes testing

  • Promote trades and workshare programs in high schools

Doctor Checking a Form
  • Lower premiums and co-pays to ensure everyone has access to affordable insurance options

  • Lower the cost of prescription medications to ensure people do not go bankrupt for needing life-saving medications

  • Advocate to keep the VA hospital in Fort Wayne open to maintain healthcare access for our veterans

  • Legalize marijuana to combat the opioid epidemic

  • Raise minimum wage

  • Lower cost of Child Care

  • Implement Paid Family & Medical Leave

Pride Parade
  • Ensure equal treatment for LGBTQ Parents

  • Strengthen Hate Crime laws

  • Ensure that any school taking state funds must not discriminate based upon sexual orientation or disability

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